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Custom solutions

Innovations are the result of experts joining forces

Many handling applications pose complex demands and therefore require especially creative solutions. We develop and manufacture according to your individual specifications. Submit a precise definition of the product details to our sales department at Enable javascript to display email..

We have already produced numerous special solutions in trusting cooperation with our customers. Here is a brief a brief overview of existing solutions.

GECOMER®: Adhesion even at low temperatures

Tomorrow's space shuttles require INNOvative solutions - INNOCISE is testing new adhesion mechanisms for upper stage engines of future launch systems. The challenge: secure adhesion even at 50 Kelvin. Photo: AGG, DLR-Lampoldshausen

INNOCISE develops handling for packaging solutions

Even thin foils can be gripped safely and deposited with high precision by GECOMER® technology - without residues, non-destructively and at production speed.