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Reversible adhesive systems tailored to your needs

Animation Gecomer-Pad


The innovative adhesive system inspired by nature. Made of special, durable polymers with longevity and little maintenance.

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Animation Gecomer-Pad an Stahlblock

Moves heavy objects very precisely.

Loads of up to several kilograms can easily be picked up and precisely placed over many cycles. External equipment for vacuum generation or suchlike are not required.

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Animation Gecomer-Pad gross nach klein

Adhesion on many scales

Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the adhesive system, cost-effective solutions can be developed for a wide range of applications.

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INNOCISE presents at Motek 2019

Saabrücker Zeitung visits INNOCISE

INNOCISE presents the Gecomer Technology in a report published by Saarbrücker Zeitung. In the interview Marc Schöneich and Henrik Ollmann give answer to the question, where adhesives by INNOCISE are utilized. Read more about the diverse applications in the article published on 15th of November.

INNOCISE presents at Motek 2019

INNOCISE presents at Motek 2019

At the world's leading event for industrial handling, INNOCISE presented an exciting application example of the Gecomer® Technology: At the booth of Universal Robots, the world market leader for collaborative robotics, INNOCISE demonstrated on a cobot how its own technology can be tailored to the industrial environment. Extremely light, functional without compressed air or external power supply, INNOCISE's solution is predestined for human-machine interaction.

INNOCISE presents at Battery Show Novi

INNOCISE presents at Battery Show Novi

From 9/10 to 9/12/2019, INNOCISE presented at the booth of the Schunk GmbH & Co. KG its together developed gripper-prototype. With the innovative GECOMER® Technology of INNOCISE sensitive battery foils can be stacked efficiently. This allows precise and energy-efficient battery production.

GECOMER-Technologie bei Parabelflügen

GECOMER® Technology for parabolic flights

Together with astronaut Dr. Matthias Maurer, INNOCISE is testing the residue-free and switchable adhesion in zero-gravity conditions. First tests inside the aircraft A310 of Novespace during the CNES parabolic flight campaign provide exciting results verifying the potential of GECOMER® Technology has potential to be used in future space applications.

INNOCISE präsentiert auf der SMTconnect in Nürnberg

GECOMER® Technology shown at SMTconnect in Nürnberg

From 5/7 to 5/9/2019,the latest developments of the GECOMER® Technology in the field of microassembly were presented at the booth of Häcker Automation GmbH.


GECOMER® Technology presented at BATTERY JAPAN

From 2/27 to 3/1/2019,the latest prototypes of GECOMER® Technology INNOCISE were presented at the booth of the Schunk GmbH & Co. KG. Positive responses received from many international battery production companies proved the outstanding features of the GECOMER® Technology.

Ministerpräsident Hans besucht GECOMER®-Technologie

Prime Minister Hans familiarized himself with GECOMER® Technology

On 11/21/2018 the Prime Minister of Saarland, Tobias Hans, visited the Leibniz-Institute for New Materials and familiarized himself with the GECOMER® Technology on site. He was especially interested in the development of efficient production processes and the perspectives for human-robot collaboration.