Sustainable automation
and reduced operating costs

Our grippers make it possible, as our adhesive technology
works without external energy supply

Macrohandling - Handling Macroscopic Components.

The new gripping technology is based on scientific research and uses the targeted microstructuring of special polymers. Due to their reversible adhesive properties the special polymers work without electricity, vacuum or compressed air.

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© SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG, 2021

Gecomer® in Application


Increasing the throughput in fuel cell and battery production by creating new possibilities in handling sensitive components.

Life Science

Creating new gripping opportunities in automation processes with strict requirements such as cleanroom applications by full elimination of vacuum pumps and air supply.


Handling various geometries and surface finishes using a universal gripper. Parts with holes and uneven surfaces can be gripped without complicated pre-handling adjustments.

Si Wafer

Increasing cycle speed and process flexibility in handling fragile components in costly and complex automation operations inside vacuum environments.


Effortless and gentle handling of irregular shapes without using complex infrastructure.


Diminishing the post-processing steps by residue-free handling. High level process standards can be met due to flexibility in material selection.

CO2 Footprint Reduction

by energy-free handling without
compressed air infrastructure

Cutting Automation Costs

by reducing the required infrastructure and planning of the process

New Automation Opportunities

in challenging environments such as clean rooms and vacuum production


© SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG
© SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG
ADHESO - a product of SCHUNK and INNOCISE

Innovation thrives when experts work together. That is why we work with the industry leader to combine our Gecomer® technologies with the highest industry standards. The result is ADHESO – the adhesive gripper for sensitive components – which is available in different versions.
Honored with the German Innovation Award 2021.

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