New paradigm
in microassembly

Bio-inspired grippers open up new possibilities
in the microscale

Microhandling – Handling of Microscopic Devices

Our microhandling technology closes an important gap in existing handling tasks: Where conventional systems lose their functionality for miniaturized objects (typically below 1 mm), the Gecomer® Technology shows its strenghts.
INNOCISE offers precision and reliability in gripping objects even below a size of 10 µm.

No matter if glass fibers, smallest SMD components or microoptical components: for an optimal integration into your handling process, we customize material, topography and design of our handling systems to your needs. To protect your investment, we can also adapt our adhesive systems to your production facilities.


SMD Parts

Pick and place of objects in various dimensions with one gripper geometry

Optical Fiber

Sensitive objects can be handled safely and without residues


Gecomer® grippers enable new advances in microassembly

Micro Optics

Precise handling of fragile optical components without residues and damage


Easy handling due to strong z-conformability



Residue-free, smooth object handling

Suitable for Vacuum

Enabling new and innovative applications


Cycle time below 100 ms


Adjustable adhesion force up to 2 kg/cm²


Tailored to your existing systems


Standard Gripper

The standard gripper is the right solution for your application?

Overall Solution

Meca500 + quick tool changing system + microgrippers

The automation unit for an easy start into production.

Haven't found what you were looking for? Talk to our expert about your application.

  • develop special grippers
    customized for your object and process

  • request a feasibility study
    extensive handling tests with your objects

  • start development project
    complete positioning process, tailored to your needs

Yolanda Stabel
Sales Engineer